"Who Else Wants To Use The Proven, Legal Method to Beat Your Speeding Ticket and Avoid Fines and Surcharges?"

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"Now You Can Beat The Huge Speeding Ticket
Cash-Machine... With Their Legal System!
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Here Is The One Secret Key To
Beating Your Speeding Ticket

    You are going to "ambush" them. You are going to fight the revenue system that speeding tickets have become. What matters is the evidence. If the evidence against you holds up, you lose. But – if you can prove that the evidence is without foundation - then you win.

    And this is exactly how Case Dismissed helps you triumph.

    You get the documents, precedent-setting case law, and exact line of questioning to destroy the foundation of the prosecution’s evidence against you.

    The judge, though it may pain him greatly, will have to state those words so sweet to your ears, “Case Dismissed”. It's the law.

    By the way, I'm not talking here about some bogus constitutional argument against radar or some other ridiculous defense that will never work. You don't need scientists or an engineering site study. Case Dismissed is a proven method that has helped thousands of people beat speeding tickets.

Case Dismissed  works for any state. These two have some specific laws that require more detail which is unnecessary for other states.

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